[aka n̓səl̓̓xčin̓, Nsilxcín, Nsyilxcen, Nsyilxcn, Nsəlxcin]

Classification: Salishan



The StoryTeller software is loaded with material from the text, Captíkʷł 1: Nsəlxcin Stories for Beginners. The StoryTeller software presents stories with digital audio, color pictures, and text. The software includes a story presentation module and two game modules. Game 1 is a sentence-halves matching game. Game 2 is a memory game allowing the user to match pictures to pictures or pictures to text with full audio. Note: StoryTeller is a Shockwave application. If you are not sure your computer has Shockwave installed, install Adobe Shockwave at http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/

Grahm Wiley-Camacho

Idiom Software

James Parkin