[aka n̓səl̓̓xčin̓, Nsilxcín, Nsyilxcen, Nsyilxcn, Nsəlxcin]

Classification: Salishan




Chopaka Immersion House: Goldilocks II

The second of three videos from spəpƛmsalqʷ, Chopaka BC Nsyilxcn immersion house. Five adult women lived in this immersion house for 5 months, studying Nsyilxcn 6 hours per day. This 7 minute film is the second of two language assessments. We tell the Goldilocks story from memory, much improved over 5 months previously. We are grateful to the Paul Creek Language Association (see interiorsalish.com) for making this possible, with their textbooks, curriculum, our Elder Sʕamtíc’aʔ (Sarah Peterson), and Paul Creek’s comprehensive vision to achieve advanced proficiency within two years of study. This film produced by Sʔímlaʔxʷ (mkj) as part of her PhD research at UBC-Okanagan. way’ kʷu‿kʷukstxʷ!

Michele K Johnson

Michele K. Johnson

Chopaka BC, Canada