Northern Straits Salish

[aka SENĆOŦEN/Malchosen/Lekwungen/Semiahmoo/T’Sou-ke, Malchosen, Lekwungen]

Classification: Salishan


critically endangered


XwS7ámesh: A Dialect of Northern Straits Salish

XwS7ámesh is the tradtional name for the dialect commonly known as Samish, a dialect of Northen Straits Salish. This site includes recordings by speakers from several decades ago, and new recordings from the revitalization project that has ongoing support by Samish Indian Nation of Anacortes, WA. The Samish people have adopted a practical orthography and are developing Master-Apprentice programs to reawaken the language.

The late Brent Galloway, PhD; also George Adams & Sam Barr

Leslie Eastwood

Anacortes, WA, USA

Feb. 25, 2015