Northern Straits Salish

[aka SENĆOŦEN/Malchosen/Lekwungen/Semiahmoo/T’Sou-ke, Malchosen, Lekwungen]

Classification: Salishan


critically endangered


SENĆOŦEN langage-community portal

A portal leading to various resources to help one learn the Saanich dialect of North Coast Salish. Contains an extensive vocabulary list, split into various subheadings, with audio available for many of the words. Each word is spelt in both the SENĆOŦEN and International Phonetic Alphabets. Includes over 3300 Sananich words, as well as an extensive grammar of Salish, the entirety of which is available here.

Wilf Stepto

SENĆOŦEN Community Language Portal

Jan. 1, 1999