Karko (Sudan)

[aka Garko, Kithonirishe, Nubian (Hill)]

Classification: Nubian




Rapid Appraisal Sociolinguistic Survey Among Ama, Karko, and Wali Language Groups

"This report describes a language survey conducted in January and February of 2007 among people speaking Ama, Karko, and Wali. These languages are spoken in villages of the northwest Nuba Mountains, Sudan. Wordlists and interviews were utilized as methods for obtaining data. The main goals of this research were to get an approximate number of languages that are spoken in the survey region, collect data on their ethnolinguistic identities, gauge the vitality of each of them, and to determine the relationships that exist between these languages. The research was conducted to help make decisions on the best ways to meet the needs of these speech communities for language development and literature" (Amy Krell, 2012)


Jan. 1, 2012