[aka Bain Coca, Sieko Coca, Siona]

Classification: Tucanoan




Bain Coca Language Workshop with the Siona of the Putumayo

In August, 2014, a workshop with the Siona indigenous people was held in Mocoa, Putumayo (Colombia), with the objective of contributing to the ethnoeducation program developed by the Association of Indigenous Cabildos of the Siona People (ACIPS). The ethnoeducation program articulates with the Integral Life Plan elaborated by the Siona communities and that emphasizes the necessity of native language revitalization based on the participation of the elders and their narratives as repositories of memory, history and culture. Directors: Alan Stone Langdon and Esther Jean Langdon Camera and Editing: Alan Stone Langdon Narration: Sandra Carolina Portela Garcia This video is part of the project "Documentation, Translation and Linguistic Revitalization: Narratives in Bain Coca" Coordinator: Esther Jean Langdon Investigator: Pedro Musalem Nazar Support: Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq) National Institute of Research: Brasil Plural (IBP) Brasil/Colombia 2015 Available subtitles: ENGLISH, ESPAÑOL, PORTUGUÊS. Shot with the SONY NX30 in FullHD 24fps 16x9 contact :

Anna Belew

Mocoa, Putumayo, Colombia

Jan. 1, 2015