[aka Judeo-Crimean Tatar, Krimchak, крымчакский язык, кърымчах тыльы]

Classification: Turkic


critically endangered


Tatar Music with the video of their cultural food samples eg

Traditional Tatar music. It is a song about a little boy expressing his sadness when his mother dies and he becomes an orphane. Tatar people have very sad history of last (approx). 90 yrs as they are not only loosing their language but they also lost their country Crimea ( Kirim, Qirim) taken out of their land moved to east asia by Stalin. Currently only small amount of them managed to come back but lost their land and home to Russans and Ukranians. It is a still political and cultural sutruggle for them to reclaim their land, country, and be able to use and educated in their native language Crimean Tatarca. The Language is only used in family enviroenment, mainly by adults as the youngest generation educated in the language of countries they live, speak and read and watch the media. There is not much support for the survival of language as Ukraine do not want Crimean Tatars there. Russia is ( stalin) responsible for the dustriction of this nation and Crimian Tatar language.

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    su 2007 3815 days ago

    it is a very nice video and it has alot of information. Jean