[aka Cree, Atikamekw, Tête de Boule]

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Educational computer game that teaches 6 Canadian First Nations Languages

Studio Île Pariseau has released a computer game that teaches animal names in 6 Canadian First Nations languages: Bush Cree Dene Gwich’In Shuswap North Slavey Tsuut’ina The game combines 3D graphics and game play with traditional languages. Some of the languages included are on the list here at the Endangered Languages Project. You start the game by selecting an avatar, one of three space creatures who have come to earth to explore. The game features two play environments, the Farm and the Forest. In each environment you encounter various animals; there are 13 different animals in each environment. When you approach an animal the name for it appears above the animal in your selected language and the sound of the word being pronounced is played. You complete the level by finding all the different animals and opening the chest to see the fireworks. There are multiples of each animal and each one is worth a set number of points. You get points for each animal you find. This encourages you to find the animal multiple times to assist learning the new word. The game has a ‘Top Score’ list where players with the highest point scores are posted. The game is available online at

Boyd Williams


Jan. 1, 2016