[aka Abazintsy, Abazin, Ahuwa]

Classification: Northwest Caucasian



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Abaza belongs to the Abkhazo-Adyghian group of the Caucasian languages. It is close to Abkhaz, but contains also elements characteristic of Kabardian. Of all languages spoken in the former USSR, Abaza phonetics are considered the most difficult. The Abaza language is divided into two dialects corresponding to the two kinship communities Tapanta and Shkaraua. There are five subdialects: Abazakt, Apsua, Kubin-Elburgan, Kuvin and Psyzh-Krasnovostok. (The Redbook of the Peoples of the Russian Empire, 2008)

Abazintsy, Abazin, Ahuwa, Tapanta, Ashuwa

Northwest Caucasian, Abkhaz-Abaza


ISO 639-3


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