[aka Banam Bay, Vartavo]

Classification: Austronesian




Banam Bay Language: Documentation and Endangered Language Maintenance


Banam Bay is spoken in Southeast Malekula, Vanuatu by less than 900 speakers. Previously classified by Darrell Tryon (1976) as three different dialects, it has more recently been categorized as one, Banam Bay Area Language (Crowley 2000). Banam Bay has recorded wordlists, but is otherwise undocumented. This project involves working with community members in data collection, facilitating a basic orthography and creating resources for language management and vernacular literacy material creation. A basic grammar sketch and language description will satisfy my PhD dissertation, which will be archived alongside a repository of audio-recorded transcribed and translated narratives and updated trilingual wordlists.

Vasiliki Vita


Jan. 1, 2019