[aka Kamassian, камасинский язык, калмажи шəкə]

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Камасинско-русский словарь (Kamassian-Russian Dictionary)


Kamassian-Russian dictionary with ~600 words available online

Bryn Hauk

Jan. 1, 2012


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    Valentina L 2557 days ago

    It is not possible to download this dictionary. The author of the dictionary says that he is not a linguist, so this dictionary should not be used for learning the language. However, the author mentioned another source Kai Donner. Kamassiches Wörterbuch nebst Sprachproben und Hauptzügen der Grammatik. Helsinki 1944

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    Valentina L 2557 days ago

    Please, add this to the resources: http://philology.ru/linguistics3/matveev-65.htm А. К. Матвеев НОВЫЕ ДАННЫЕ О КАМАСИНСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ И КАМАСИНСКОЙ ТОПОНИМИКЕ (предварительное сообщение)

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    Bryn Hauk 2556 days ago

    You can add the resource yourself at this link: http://www.endangeredlanguages.com/submit/. If you have trouble, email admin@endangeredlanguages.com, and they can add the resource for you.