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[aka Kuznets Tatar, Kondoma Tatar, Mras-Su Tatar]

Classification: Turkic


severely endangered

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The Shor language belongs to the Turkish-Tatar languages -- East Hunnish branch, Uighur-Oguz group, Khakass subgroup. It differs from its kindred languages (Khakass, Kamas, Chylym Tatar) in several specific traits in phonetics and grammar. There are two dialects in Shor: Mrasu in the Tom and Mrasu basins, and Kondoma in the Lower-Tom and Kondoma basins. (The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire)

Kuznets Tatar, Kondoma Tatar, Mras-Su Tatar, шорский язык, Шор тили, šor tili, Тадар тили, tadar tili, Schoren, Minusinsk-Tataren, Şorca, Şor Türkçesi,

Turkic, South Siberian

A written standard in Cyrillic script is based on Kondoma dialect.

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