Diné Bizaad (Navajo)

[aka Diné Bizaad, Navajo, Navaho]

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/Navajo Word of the Day - "facebook"

Today's Navajo Word of the Day is "Facebook." Again, trying to show the utility of the Navajo language for everyday use. Technology is changing fast and unfortunately Navajo isn't changing fast enough for it. This word is a literal translation of the word, "facebook," as "naaltsoos biníí'." Well, it literally means, "the book's face," but it is the only way to kind of grammatically correctly say "facebook" in Navajo. This word has no description of how it works or what it is so only people who are familiar with facebook and how it works will understand this word. To the elderly who don't know much about computers, this word won't explain much. Regardless, that's how new words usually are... :-) Anyway, the sentence used is, "Naaltsoos biníí' bitádísh'íí'," which means, "I'm browsing through facebook!" To give some example of the word, you can say, "Naaltsoos biníí' "facebook" deiłnínígíí bitádísh'íí'," which you can follow with the breakdown below: Naaltsoos (book) biníí' (it's face): facebook "facebook" deiłnínígíí: What they call "facebook" Bitádísh'íí': I'm browsing through it Let me know what you think of these words of the day! Feedback much appreciated! :-)


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Nov. 12, 2011