South Saami

[aka Saami (Central-South), Saami (Southern), Same]

Classification: Uralic




The Whisperers soundtrack

Music by Frode Fjellheim presenting Marja Helena Mortensson The Whisperers, development soundtrack sequence Music by Frode Fjellheim & Marja Helena Mortensson Featuring Ellen Sara Sparrok Larsen. The Whisperers feature film. A film by David Kinsella featuring Ellen Sara Sparrok larsen. Production 2012-2014. Nordland, on the border with Norway and Sweden. "The whisperers" is a North American co production creative auteur documentary, but made as a fiction film, from the award winning makers of Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Lebanon and the Tree of Life. "The whisperers" is directed particularly towards children and a family audience, and will be produced as a feature length and TV version film. "The whisperers" is the story of Ellen-Sara Sparrok Larsen, a 14 year old indigenous South Sami girl in Aarborte Norway, a unique character who stands in the middle of the progressive Norwegian society and the rich traditions of the South Sami culture.

David Kinsella Productions AS

Suorbmasiid Gonagas