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By Now

A village love story narrated in Ormuri Ghazal

Rozi Khan Burki

Rozi Khan Burki

Kaniguram, Pakistan


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    Rozi Khan Burki 3061 days ago

    BY NOW: A VILLAGE LOVE STORY NARRATED IN ORMURI GHAZAL (Translated in English) By now, on the one hand recalling of her beautiful eyes had started making me disturbed; and on the other hand the happiness of summer days (of Kaniguram) were getting quickly over. The weather had gone colorless and flavorless; there were no more flowers, and nightingale no longer sung, nor could the melody of a singing flute be heard at nights. The young boys groups walking around were missing in the evening; and the field terraces were empty from their strolls. Crowds of girls massing around water springs were no longer seen, and the water trails were clear of their cues (carrying home water pitchers). Some people had migrated eastwards, others were about to leave and we along with our belongings were also ready for departure by tomorrow (due to ensuing cold weather). My heart was not willing to depart without having a last moment gaze at the yellow-necked one (girl having a beautiful neck); my throat and my jaws had gone badly swollen due to grief of my definite leaving. Whether she knew my state of affairs at all or not from amongst so many of youngsters, I was badly entangled in the hidden flames of her love blazing me all over. Then a moaning cry came out of my heart praying “O’ my God! either let me see her today or shorten the days of my life and the ones already spent are enough”. Then I went to her home and threw a stone to her door (a method of knocking at the door) as by now the demons of vigor had occupied my head. I did not know as to what I would tell her if she personally comes out and if somebody else came out, again it would be a matter of great embarrassment. Suddenly the door opened two ways with a bang; my eyes could see nothing in the broad day light as if it was a dark night. When my eyes opened, what I saw was none other than she herself looking like a fresh rose; risen her thin and beautiful eye brows with a questioning gaze in utter display of pride and self-esteem. I tried to say something but could say nothing and my mouth went shut up; at seeing my condition she started touching her ears in astonishment. Then she got the message and came to know that the story is rather different and there is a need to use some tactic; and get rid of this mad man leaving alone all other things. She said that if you feel something painful in your head go and see my brother at his clinic; he has abandoned his practice at home as he could not attend the growing number of patients here. Trying to hide her smile she closed the door behind her as if she was saying to herself that; “no matter if he has been able to secure a closer look of my beauty as these appear to be the last days of his being there in the season”. You will remember forever o’ Rozi Khan! the happiness of that moment; and will henceforth consider her laughter of that day the most precious treasure of your life. (Rozi Khan Burki)