Miranda do Douro

[aka Mirandês, Mirandesa, Mirandese]

Classification: Indo-European





António Fernandes, senhor de 80 e mais alguns anos, conta histórias e memórias e mais memórias, tantas...


Isabel Santos

Miranda do Douro, Portugal


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    Aline Frost 3025 days ago

    Could someone explain me what are the main differences between this language and other sister languages like portuguese? thank you

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    Isabel Santos 3020 days ago

    The Mirandese language (autonym: mirandés or lhéngua mirandesa; Portuguese: mirandês or língua mirandesa) is a Romance language belonging to the Astur-Leonese linguistic group, sparsely spoken in a small area of northeastern Portugal, in the municipalities of Miranda do Douro, Mogadouro and Vimioso. Mirandese has a distinct phonology, morphology and syntax. The main differences between Mirandese in Portugal and the Astur-Leonese languages in Spain are caused by the dominant languages in each region. Mirandese has been influenced phonetically and in lexicon by Portuguese and the Astur-Leonese languages in Spain by Spanish (Castilian). All have distinctive orthography that phonetically reflects the respective main national languages. Another difference is that Mirandese and Leonese remain very conservative, while Asturian has undergone a greater amount of change.