Bohtan Neo-Aramaic

[aka Georgian Subgroup,]

Classification: Afroasiatic


severely endangered

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Note: This entry covers the entire group of Northeastern Neo-Aramaic languages spoken currently or formerly in the historical territory of Bohtan, including the variety known as Hértevin [hrt]. While there is considerable internal variation within this group, the degree of mutual intelligibility between varieties is unknown and unlikely to be discovered, as speakers are now very few and scattered across the world.

Georgian Subgroup

Afroasiatic, Erythraean, North Afroasiatic, Semitic, West Semitic, Central Semitic, Northwest Semitic, Aramaic, Old Aramaic, Early Imperial Aramaic, Imperial Aramaic, Middle Aramaic, Eastern Middle Aramaic, Eastern Neo-Aramaic, Northeastern Neo-Aramaic

ISO 639-3


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