[aka Torwālī, Turvali, Dardu]

Classification: Indo-European




Phal modern. Hail to Kohistan, the Torwali heartland

This is modern Phal rendered in a modern way. In this song as you will see in the subtitle the beauty, climate and ecology of Swat-Kohistan is justly praised by the poet. The song is written and sung in the Chail dialect of the Torwali language. Torwali is an endangered language spoken by over 100,000 people in the idyllic valley Swat-Kohistan in the Swat district of Pakistan. Torwali community is said to be the pre-Muslim era community living in Swat. It is of the Darada communities of Swat of ancient times. Like every indigenous language Torwali is threatened of extinction. Not only the language but its culture is also under serious threats posed by globalization and the so called modernity. A local organization Idara Baraye Taleem-o-Taraqi (IBT) or Institute for Education & Development ( has long since undertaken the preservation, documentation and promotion of the Torwali language and culture. This video song is from a collection of Torwali melodies named "Manjoora"--(gift in Torwali). It is a project of IBT financially supported by the USAID under its Small Grants and Ambassador Fund Program. It is an endeavor to rejuvenate the endangered Torwali music. Your feedback will be appreciated. Please send it to us at the email:

Zubair Torwali

Bahrain Swat Pakistan

Jan. 1, 2015