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[aka Saroa, Saarua, Rarua]

Classification: Austronesian


critically endangered

Language metadata

Saroa, Saarua, Rarua, La'alua, La'arua, Pachien, Paichien, Sisyaban, Shishaban, Sprache von Formosa, Hla’alua, 拉阿魯哇語

Austronesian, Tsouic

Roman Script

ISO 639-3


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The Tsouic language has traditionally been divided into the northern branch (Tsou) and the southern branch (Kanakanabu and Saaroa).

As for the ethnicity, the Saaroa people, together with the Kanakanabu people, had long been classified as part of the Tsou nationality in Taiwan. However, the Saaroa and the Kanakanabu have been officially recognized as two independent ethnic groups in June 26, 2014.

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