[aka Nsyilxcən, Okanagan, Colville-Okanagan]

Classification: Salishan


critically endangered


q̓ʷəq̓ʷc̓wíyaʔ naʔł spapʕáłaʔ

This legend explains the origin of chipmunk's stripes and reminds children why they shouldn't sneak out of the house.

Grahm Wiley-Camacho


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    Heidi LeBret 2517 days ago

    I think Greek would be lots easier but I will do my best. It would help if I had the translation word for word as that is how I learned Latin, some French, German, Russian, Japanese and Klingon. This will be the better challange and I want to learn it so bad.

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    Grahm Wiley-Camacho 2516 days ago

    The textbook that this is from is posted under resources and is called captíkʷł naqs (1).