[aka Sungari Nanay, килен, 赫哲語奇楞方言]

Classification: Tungusic


severely endangered

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Ethnologue considers Kilen to be part of Nanai [gld], but Prof. Juha Janhunen (2015, p.c.) suggests it should be listed as a separate language.

Sungari Nanay, килен, 赫哲語奇楞方言, Sungari Nanai, Akani

Tungusic, Southern Tungusic, Amur Tungusic

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"The speakers of Kilen on the Chinese side are officially listed as Hezhe (Hedjen, Chinese Nanai). And it is better described as Nanai with Udeghe phonetics." (Juha Janhunen, p.c.)

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